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Tips for Post Workout Nutrition

vendredi, janv. 20, 2017
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After an intense workout, your body is in need of recovery. The right mix of carbohydrates and protein will restore your energy levels and repair muscles. However, most people go for foods or drinks that contain added sugar and minimal nutritional value. Filled with complex carbohydrates and replenishing potassium, Natural Delights Medjool dates are the perfect performance partner for you next sweat session.

Here are some ideas for post-workout snacks made with our own energizing Medjool dates:

Refuel with Runner’s Energy Drops

Medjool dates pair up with some of the wellness world’s favorite superfoods in these easy-to-pack snacks.

Green with Energy Smoothie

Adding greens to your smoothie is one of the best ways to pack extra veggies in. Medjool dates bring both natural sweetness and a punch of potassium for muscle recovery.

Sweet Recovery: Apple Cinnamon Energy Bites

Medjool dates hold these bites together making them easy to take to go. Their sweet cinnamon taste will make you forget that it’s a healthy post workout treat.